Bespoke Shirt Company is one of the leading online tailors of USA known for offering both offline and online tailoring services. You can not get body fit perfectly designed clothes for your body by sending your measurements online. You can select from a wide selection of greatest quality fabrics and some best-in-class materials and design your shirts. We take pride in our highly experienced team that believes in establishing long term relationships with its clients. All our efforts are directed to help you stand out wherever you go. Bespoke Shirt Company is the ultimate destination for all those who are looking for supreme level of sophistication and polish in their personal appearance. We work through a wide network of tailors that excels in offering supreme quality services and undivided attention to every small detail that is hard to find with other tailors. You can now redo your complete wardrobe with our tailored shirts. Whether you need one for wedding, office, get together, or some other special occasion, you have you covered.


Just need that one perfect shirt? No problem. Redoing your wardrobe? We've got you covered. In a pinch and need a group order for a wedding, gathering or Fraternity? Consider it done. Because we utilize a network of master tailors we can handle anything you throw our way.


At Bespoke, we strive for three things, speed, simplicity, and savings. We believe in delivering your order to you on time, hassle free, and for less than the other guys.

    • Our prices range from $35-$60 depending on fabric, so you'll never break the bank.
    • All-inclusive pricing, we don't charge for add-ons or customization like the other guys.
    • Whether you're in Beirut or Boston shipping is always free.
    • Problem with your order? No problem. Our U.S. based team is here to serve you 24/7.