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You’re a legend with the ladies, a titan of the textbook, and a pro on the pong table.  You’re the furthest thing from a GDI, your commitment to the chapter runs deep, and now you can show it like never before. Nothing else displays this commitment like one our custom crafted Greek Gear shirts. Time to freshen up the wardrobe, compadre, because your Thirsty Thursday look of last year has gotten a tad stale. Whether it’s just you looking to get one up on Brad down the hall or its all the bros trying to get in on the action we can handle it. Use our InterActive™ Shirt Builder for a single order or shoot us an email with questions regarding bulk orders, but honestly, why help anyone else look this good?


Just need that one perfect shirt? No problem. Redoing your wardrobe? We've got you covered. In a pinch and need a group order for a wedding, gathering or Fraternity? Consider it done. Because we utilize a network of master tailors we can handle anything you throw our way.


At Bespoke, we strive for three things, speed, simplicity, and savings. We believe in delivering your order to you on time, hassle free, and for less than the other guys.

    • Our prices range from $35-$60 depending on fabric, so you'll never break the bank.
    • All-inclusive pricing, we don't charge for add-ons or customization like the other guys.
    • Whether you're in Beirut or Boston shipping is always free.
    • Problem with your order? No problem. Our U.S. based team is here to serve you 24/7.


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